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Sportive Kinross 2015

Sportive Kinross 2015 The Directors Take

2015 is the fifth year of this event, every year is a learning curve for us as we try to make it work as well or better than the previous year. This year was the first year I was out on the bike taking part in the event. Getting a flavour of things from the riders perspective from start to finish. My co-lead organiser Trev Keer had, in his infinite humour given me number 1, I am anything but number 1! However, this gave the marvellous Raynet people someone specific to track. Having spent a couple of hours at the campus helping with the morning set up, I set off with the intention of riding the Black route. I ended up riding an abridged version of the Red route, as I turned my day into a little social tour talking to riders and helpers along the course. Climbing Falkland Hill I came across an incident involving a rider who had collapsed on the climb. I was really impressed by the generous response of the riders around him. He had collapsed just over one the many brows on this testing and arduous climb. A forward picket of riders had been established to warn oncoming riders and motorists. The collapsed rider was being tended to by three other riders. My good friend Doc Roddy, a local GP was also there. He wondered across and advised all was in hand, Jane was taking care of the patient. Jane being a member of Kinross CC and a Consultant Anaesthetist. She was ably assisted by two other ladies, I politely asked were they Doctors too? The reply was , no, Im a nurse and Im a physio. I found myself thinking the rider could not have been luckier. If you are going to collapse whilst out cycling do it in front of a nurse, a physio and a Doctor with a second Doctor close behind. He was covered in foil blanket which had been produced some somewhere, and carefully looked after by the adhoc medical team whilst they waited for the ambulance. I am pleased to say the rider was ok after a visit to the hospital. Thank you to all who helped out with this incident. My journey continued, now with part of the medical team and we met the Chief Marshall at the bottom of Falkland Hill, and we found the wife of the patient in the centre of Falkand where various personal effects were passed over and gratitude expressed to our Doctor. We continued and I lost my medical support as we exited Falkland when I stopped to chat with the junction Marshall and they understandably pressed on with their ride. At the Newburgh feed station I had reports of a Police visit. There had been complaints of riders riding four abreast. One of the Policemen by all accounts had missed his charm school classes. As he rather disappointingly spoke to the feedstation volunteer, who had come from the charity and seemingly told him off for the traffic misdemeanours of third parties. Claiming the Police had not been advised of the event. Amusingly it seems his colleague gently pointed out they had been advised of the event and were aware of it. The point of this little passage is remind participants to respect the rules of the road and ride two abreast! (please). My journey into the wind continued, stopping for further chats at Aberargie the Dunning feed station, and the timing station at the top of the Dunning climb. After Dunning I decided I had suffered enough of the wind, and took a left turn along the A91 in search of a tail wind and home! All in all a pretty successful day, with a good response from participants, sponsors and suppliers. If you want to rate your experience and comment on the event go to http://www.cyclosport.org/5747/rate-event.html

Sportive Kinross will return on 30th April 2016